Branding Package

Branding Package 1

There are many critical things in running a business that wouldn’t be classified as “fun”. But this one…this one is!

You know the importance of first impression, and in today’s online world, the overwhelming majority of people introduced to your brand will be through in an impersonal way. We have to make sure that this first introduction to your brand is one that conveys exactly what it is you desire.  By working with our team to create your Branding Package, we’ll ensure it is!  Through this, you’ll receive:

  • A simple logo with both horizontal and vertical versions
  • 2 fonts with font pack files
  • 3-5 brand colors with color code values
  • Branding package with style guide rules and examples

With this completed and put to use, we ensure that no matter where someone finds us, they’re seeing a consistent and accurate representation of your company.

Garage Starts jumped into my business and guided multiple departments through "Boots On The Ground" labor. We now have tight processes around operations, sales, marketing, and logistics and are continuing to grow through multiple channels.

Branding Package 2

Bruce Bacon - Ruth's Vegetarian Gourmet

Branding Package 3

Garage Starts helped guide our decision making on a new General Manager hire for the business. They also assisted in implementing a system to ensure the new employee was trained properly in order to run the day to day operations of Lou's.

Branding Package 4

Ashleigh Swanson - Lou's Fish House

Branding Package 3

Garage Starts coaches me in a weekly meeting, helping guide me through financial decisions and determining long term strategies in order to grow my business and ensuring that I don't have to do everything on my own.

Branding Package 6

Greg Hull - Hull's Sawmill

Branding Package 3

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