Solving the World's Problems Through Entrepreneurship

Welcome to Garage Starts

Garage Starts is a team of diverse skillsets that strengthens, supports, and empowers local entrepreneurs.


Our team provides solutions and fractional help to solve business problems.

Our Team

Get to know our team better and find out what kind of projects we can help you with.

Garage Starts is your Business Solution

Garage Starts goal is simple in that it builds entrepreneurs and empowers them to do business

Multi-Dimensional Team

Garage Starts has compiled a hard-working and dedicated team who is hungry to solve problems. This work ethic is what drives our team to provide premium service.

Hands-On Approach

For each client, we take a completely personalized approach for finding solutions to help their business. We work directly with each client in order to find solutions that will work best for them.

Community Driven

Garage Starts is a team of people who all care about the community of Two Harbors. Our goal is to leave this area better than we have found it.

Our Values

Bold –  We are confident and courageous
Entrepreneurial – We support the creation and development of economic ventures
Ethical – Strong morals, helping others, and doing good
Fun – We work hard and have fun
Collaborative – Teamwork on steroids, we don’t build silos we break them down
Open and Honest – We are straightforward and receptive

Our Purpose

The Garage Start mission is to provide solutions for the world’s problems through entrepreneurship.  Our team is devoted to providing quality service in order to make the community of Two Harbors a more vibrant and inviting area.

Our Niche

We seek to strengthen, support, and empower entrepreneurs.

Our Goal

In ten years our goal is to help launch 5000 entrepreneurs.  By achieving this goal we believe that we are helping solve the world’s problems

What can we offer you?

Launch-Pad for Entrepreneurs

We create an environment where entrepreneurs can implement their ideas effectively.

Business Management

Our team can take part in management of your business by creating sound structure in your business.

Our Team

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    Organization:  Garage Starts

    Address:  629 7th Ave, Ste. 7, Two Harbors, MN 55616

    Telephone:  (218) 302-1809